America After 911's greatest strength is that it belongs to every community.

In the late 90's, my most valuable customers were seniors. 9/11 automatically sparked appreciation for those same loyal customers sending their children to war.

Instead of brooding over the challenging government contract bid I lost, I was convinced more companies worldwide may want to donate to the value of people.

Certainly the lifeblood of every economy, [the people] deserve active appreciation.

--- Financial Times Headlines ---          'Leveraged loan boom is storming up Nasty Problems' 

We catch all the falling knives in securitized, collateralized, catastrophic liable predicaments & obligations.

The strategy; insure the insurer, enhance what already exists ----

We build exceptional partnerships with a simple solution to complex problems.

It's improving the "happy life" quality, equality and equities to forward toward your energy and drive for value! 

We tout it as possessing the best silver bullet yet

About Me

Sharee Y.R. I am founder of AMERICA AFTER 911 Here is a quote that I like, "We are not primarily put on this earth to see through one another but to see one another through". - Peter De Vries