America After 911 is designed to appraise and appreciate the value of people.

 Our principles are:


                      Be important

                      Value another

Do you know anyone who likes to clean up behind someone else? I don't. It's a huge responsibility, especially when it comes to finance, being its so hard for everyday citizens to get off the hook after borrowing money.
 I'm on a mission to help Americans wipe the slate clean. We have a global economic rescue endowment that insists the financial industry clean up its ways, on our terms, and to nip favoritism & riskiness in the bud.
 Thanks to non performing assets, we keep millions of people from having to choose between liberty or death, because big banks have plenty of dollars in NPA's available to happily donate to us. Banks are a part of the solution we've all dreamt about since the early 2000's. So the next 100yrs aren't harder. 
We rescue 40% of the world's wealth and it's win-win for your American dream!
        The United States suffered an attack on September 11, 2001 that changed the attitude of its citizens and the worlds new normal forever. The corporation of America After 9/11 takes unforeseen disasters like the coronavirus and use them to make a positive change for the good.

MISSION. Through the effort of various programs, America After 9/11 is making a positive change in people's lives. The programs it supports are in the trenches and at the grass roots level, helping the people who may have fallen through the cracks of many charitable organizations. Today these are the survivors who most need our help.

FUNDRAISING. America After 911 accepts donations of money, time and goods. One of its main goals is to assists in eliminating toxic assets. An everyday citizen example is: a bank owning a number of repossessed cars. Instead of taking the cars to auction and accepting low bids against the balance of the loan, the bank can donate the automobiles to America After 9/11 as a charitable deduction. The organization sells the cars and over 80% of the proceeds go to the community programs. The bank wins by relieving itself of foreclosed account and receiving a corporate tax deduction, America After 9/11 wins by accomplishing a portion of its goals, and the people forgotten by traditional charities win by receiving the bulk of the proceeds.
Its like a perpetual-motion machine...having to produce at least as much ESG as needed for its operation. According to economics of cyclical dynamics, such a nonprofit public charity runs like a well oiled machine, and we successfully demonstrate how it benefits us all.

Americans are confident and resourceful in the face of challenges!   

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