AA911's Global Economic Rescue Endowment is the major reprieve from weaknesses in the interdependence of the global financial system. We are an exceptional public charity prepared to prevent trillions of dollars of long-term debt from becoming a lousy situation post crisis.

GERE reinforcements are set to show the public's support for its brand of deficit reduction. It is also designed for policymakers to maneuver during a crisis with confidence, lower debt and create fiscal surpluses.

We are definitely relevant to Central Bankers in their capacity for expanding exchange rate flexibility, balancing stability & stimulus priorities to prevent any drag on growth.

What differentiates the Global Economic Rescue Endowment is that it's pretty practical and belongs solely to the people, which is our greatest strength.

The Global Economic Rescue Endowment helps workers & homebuyers build better pension nest eggs, and at the same time increase best sovereign Social Security & Medicare Trust Funds before the year 2033, since it is currently owed $3.2 trillion.

GERE absorbs bad assets donated to this firm. Just imagine how we act in a responsible manner to deal with the complexity needed to clean those balance sheets. GERE's playbook for global financial stability shake us from some old experiences and protect taxpayers interest whilst keeping corporate greed to a bare minimum

All bubbles expand, and they all collapse. But how they are financed is critical...

Alan Greenspan tells Market Watch July 24, 2014


Nobody wants something until someone else has it. So to make X+ Y= Z, we auction those assets. Some people will say, 'no one is going to outbid me on the PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain)' and of course some may notedly smirch at Russian assets and vice versa.

Take a peek at how long it took to reach a settlement on old Peru Brady Bonds...

We generate new time frames and operate on policy confidence, duly substantiating debt expected to exceed $250 trillion September 2025.

No argument is worth the disposal of people affected by transitory fear. The people are the collateral base of the holding that is attributed, as appropriately protected by us on an equal footing.

The clean slate math formula is a positive economic multiplier effect, incorporating the initial stimulus multiplied with or without its current funds rate/inflation target and accounting for recovery timelines. In total, $1 of spending ended up having an impact of $1.92

****Neutral equations for all currency participants

***Our justification priority includes UCC 2-210. Delegation of Performance; Assignment of Rights

**We increase face values of government-sponsored enterprise assets, permitting them to carry forward deductions for six years

*Valuation models


{present value of growing perpetuity} formula

People respond to what works!

GERE's understanding of Liability is based on whichever comes first... The chicken or the egg effect.... Maturity or the Liquidity Horizon.

This SPV has no conflict of interest because it's a centralized voluntary exchange database, justifying the face value of assets that both buyers and sellers confirm credible, appropriately redeemed on the final bid price.

In order to forward toward foreign assets crossing into Virginia borders, U.S. Senate must draw policy for it because the lawyer says so.

We substantially reduce debt and deficits through foreign exchange. Furthermore, sector funds listed in the Dodd/Frank Act also apply to our Endowment. GERE's scope of work ultimately maximize efficiency and effectiveness for 12 USC 5345 >> 155 to prep for defaulting funds.

The idea that debt doesn't matter is wrong
Need broad national commitment to fiscal sustainability
Deficit reduction should be done over time, with public support

Fed Chairman Powell says @11:19am on Nov 14th 2019 to the House Budget Committee on U.S. Economic Outlook

This is the real AMERICAN 'can do spirit' admired the world over.

Never give up

Draghi says

Now more than ever resolve is controversial;
GERE is the hard-nose practical solution for countries electing their participation!

Tom BARFIELD October 24, 2019, 3:43 PM UTC